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What is a transcriptionists Pedal?

Just what is a Transcriptionists pedal?

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What is a Transcriptionist’s Pedal?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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3403360565_12c558aa18_mThe pedal is a very important aspect of the job.  While it is possible to do transcriptionist work without a foot pedal, this tool does make life easier, and will increase the earning potential of the individual using it.  Essentially, the pedal makes a person more productive, because it allows the transcriptionist to do audio transcription services with full control over how fast the audio plays.  They can speed it up, slow it down, pause it, restart it, and do all of this with the use of their foot.  That means that the hands are freed up to do the typing.  Over time, a transcriptionist will become very adept at using the pedal and will do so without ever stopping the typing action of the hands.

Because transcriptionists are paid based on the length of the audio, the faster the type, the more they can make.  To understand this better, imagine an interview recording.  The interview ran for an hour, so that is one hour worth of audio that has to be transcribed.  Let’s assume that the transcriptionist is charging $1 per minute of audio (this is not an accurate reflection of prices quoted by Fingertips Typing Services). That means that, regardless of how long it takes the person to transcribe the audio, he or she will be paid $60 for the job.  If she completes it in two hours, he or she makes $30 per hour. If it takes five hours, then the earnings fall to $12 per hour.  Yet, despite the obvious desire to rush, transcriptionists have to maintain accuracy.  The foot pedal makes it possible to strike a balance, and therefore, it makes the job more profitable.

It is also advantageous for the person hiring the transcriptionist.  If you are paying for digital transcription, you likely want to fastest possible turnaround.  With a foot pedal, the transcriptionist can work faster, and that means you get your final product quicker.

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