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Do you have a book, manual or other document that is currently in Word, PDF or HMTL format and you would like it to be converted to an e-book format?

e-books is short for electronic books.  e-books are the digital file extension of books, magazines, newspapers and other reading material.

Nowadays everything analogue is becoming digital and books are no exception.  In recent years e-readers and tablets have become a common reading device for many, the ease of use, light weight to carry, the ability to store many books (rather than taking many books on holiday for example), the ability to read in the dark and in bright sunlight, online dictionary and ability to change the font size are just some of the features that are so appealing.

Unlike PDF files which have a set layout and font and cannot be altered, e-book devices alter the document in order that it displays on the device according to it’s shape etc.  This enables the user to change the front and size of text and other features and the document alters accordingly.

There are a few different types of electronic book but the most common are e-Pub and MOBI.  e-Pub is an open standard, it has great compatibility across a wide range of e-readers and has become the universal standard within the e-reader sector. However, Amazon’s AZW format for its Kindle is a proprietary or “closed” format, which means MOBI e-books can not be read by other eReaders. The Kindle is also the only major e-reading device that does not support e-Pub.  Sony, Kobo and Barnes & Noble’s latest eReaders all support e-Pub, as does Google Books.

MOBI files can be read by Mobipocket Reader and created by Mobipocket Creator.  MOBI files can also be read by popular eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle and many smartphones that support the format.  Additionally, many e-book readers, again, like the popular Kindle device, also have desktop software, mobile apps, and browser tools that allow the reading of MOBI files.  Fingertips can convert your files into both MOBI and e-Pub depending on what device you need to read your book on.

We can also convert your files to suit your device, for example if you have an I-pad, when we are converting your document, if we select I-pad it will convert it so that it displays in the correct way for an I-pad.

Please contact us with your requirements and will be happy to discuss further.