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Audio Typing Services

Everything You Need to Know About Audio Typing Services

At Fingertips, whether you are a business, a student or an author, we have a professional and qualified team of fast, efficient and accurate typists. We have a wealth of experience in all industries including legal, medical, property, financial and academic and produce documentation in various types of transcription, i.e. verbatim, intelligent verbatim (with or without slang).

Our fantastic team of typists have an exceptional command of the English language and possess the skills and expertise to provide prompt and accurate copy typing of previously handwritten or typed content and audio typing services of your voice files.  We have the ability to transcribe from a wide range of formats including mp3, dss, mp4, m4a, tapes and online.  We give clear and precise instruction to our typists if there are any specialist requests i.e. timecoding, specialist vocabulary and glossaries.

Secretary typing on keyboard providing audio typing services

You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or software to record and send your audio dictation to us.  There are free apps available for iPhones and Android which are easily accessible.  Most smartphones record good quality.  You can use one of the many audio typing online apps to download your recording to your computer or simply plug in your phone lead to download your file to send to us.  We provide an easy online upload system for you to send your audio files to us ready for transcription.

Whether you are recording letters, articles, focus groups, meetings or your best-seller novel, we can turn your dictation from any kind of audio into text to your formatting specifications.

Our skilled and experienced transcriptionists will take the utmost care to achieve the highest levels of attention to detail and accuracy in transcribing your recordings within your required deadline.  They have experience in all types of audio recordings and many of them have their area of specialist subjects.

We guarantee confidentiality, as we understand the sensitivity of personal data, all of our transcriptionists sign and adhere to our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.  They review and proofread all materials for spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.  Please see our confidentiality page.

Our audio typing and copy typing rates are highly competitive and we can work with you to achieve the turnaround you require – even if that’s the same day.  Please see our prices page.

If you require further information on any of our copy and audio typing services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Here’s what our transcribers have to say about working for Fingertips:

“I’ve been working for Fingertips for over 16 years and absolutely love the variation of work and am always learning about fascinating subjects.  They personalise the work in relation to my specialisms to get the benefit of accuracy and a quick turnaround.”  Lisa

“I’ve been working with Fingertips for over a decade because I love the flexibility of being able to choose how much work I take on in any given week, and the variety of topics I get to work on.” Rebecca.

“I feel proud to work for Fingertips. Their emphasis on confidentiality, accuracy and reliability aligns with my own work ethic. I’ve been part of their team for many years and hope to continue for many more. It’s lovely to be appreciated for the effort I put in.”   Sharon

“This is my first year working for Fingertips. I’ve tried different transcription sites but this one is by far the best. Most audios are good quality and easy to decipher.” Dixon

“This is my 5th month since joining Fingertips. I have worked for several different companies that offer transcription services and I can tell you without a doubt that Fingertips is up there when it comes to the best. The compensation for my time in terms of pay is very good. Customer satisfaction is a priority to Fingertips and that is evident from the great feedback from clients. Would 100% recommend it.“ – Kelvin

“I have been working for Fingertips for almost 10 years and really enjoy the flexibility that working from home gives.  I can have as much or as little work as I wish, which fits around my lifestyle perfectly.  I started off doing a lot of variety, but have now found my niche subject, which I really thoroughly enjoy.”  Angela

“I can honestly say that no two days are the same for me over here in British Columbia, where the time difference is eight hours.  This means that our clients get a true overnight service; completed and accurate work is provided to them first thing in the morning, which is vital for some.  The work is always interesting and so varied that every day I look forward to what comes next.”  Jean

“For the 10 years I have worked as a transcriber for Fingertips I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the variety of work, literally anything can turn up on any subject at any time. I like the challenge of transcribing the documents to the best of my ability, in the shortest time possible, whatever the subject matter. The flexibility of working from home at hours that suit me is also very appealing.” Ann

“I have recently started working with Fingertips and it’s a fantastic company. The work is varied and interesting, and the workflow and payment process is extremely quick and easy. I am so happy to be a new member of the team!” Katie

If you require further information on our audio typing services, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.