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Dictamus App

No dictaphone or left it in the office or at home?

Use Dictate and Connect (Dictamus app) as a recorder for your dictation.  With Dictamus on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you’ll always be with a recorder that can do more than most high-end dictaphones, and that’s easier and more intuitive to use.

Send your dictations straight from your phone or tablet to Fingertips servers.  We will provide your with a username, password and set up instructions.  Dictamus Dictate and Connect offers excellent sound quality, impressively exact voice activation, secure encryption and many ways to transfer your dictations.

Below are some of Dictamus’ features:

* Rewind, overwrite, insert
* Instant dictation controls
* Precise voice activation
* Intuitive, easy to understand user interface
* Lots of sharing methods (E-mail, download, FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Dropbox, box, etc.)
* Completely automatable sharing
* AES-128 enrcryption
* MP4/AAC, WAV, and AIFF format
* Barcode scanner
* Move and delete sections in a dictation
* Record in the background (no phone calls)
* Bookmarks in dictations

Features of Dictamus App

Once you have completed your dictation you simply select it, select our server and it will upload to our file transfer system.  When the transcript is complete we will email it back to you.  We can send you the Dictamus user manual and set up instructions on request.

Check out “Dictamus Free”, our free limited version, to experience the functionality and feel of the full version. Dictamus Free offers everything that Dictamus Dictate + Connect does, but limits each single dictation to a length of 30 seconds instead of 24 hours. It also manages no more than 5 dictations at the same time.