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Fingertips Typing Services

Mailshots and Mail Merge

Mail outs and envelope stuffing

We can create mailshots for you where we create the letter and enter the names and addresses. This is charged on a per address basis/entry.  The addresses will be entered into an Excel spreadsheet.  This needs to be entered into separate cells in order that they appear underneath each other when you merge them with the letter.  Please also see our Data Entry page for further information on entering data into Excel.  We can print out the letters if required, put them into windowed envelopes and post them out for you.  Alternatively you can do this from your home or office.

Alternatively if you have leaflets or brochures to be sent out you can give us the names and addresses which we can type onto labels. We can print the labels, attach them to envelopes and enclose your leaflet or brochure. We can take control of the whole job including ordering the envelopes and labels.  We can take the completed stuffed envelopes to the post office and ensure they are sent out promptly.  All you need to do is courier or post the leaflet/brochure to us. We can courier or post your leaflets or other documentation back to you or dispose of it if you do not need them anymore.

PostboxPlease contact us if you have a project like this and we can discuss it further.