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Fingertips Typing Services

Transcription Services Rates

We understand that in the current economic climate keeping transcription costs low is vital.  We believe our transcription rates are extremely competitive.  However, your business is important to us and if you do find a more competitive quote we are willing to negotiate.  Proof will be required of any other quotations.

We charge per audio minute and not per hour. This means you can calculate the transcription rates per hour and know exactly how much each dictation will cost regardless of how long it has taken to type.  For example, a 60 minute audio at £1.30 per minute will cost £78 plus VAT.  If this takes us 4 hours that is just £19.50 per hour.  However, if it takes us longer or shorter, it will cost you the same amount.  It is estimated that a good quality dictation will take approximately 3-4 times its length to transcribe. The typist or team leader then proof reads the document for accuracy. Prices vary depending the service you require. There is a minimum charge of £20.00 so if you only send one short audio in a month, your invoice will be £20 plus VAT.

To work out your transcribing services cost, please firstly see which transcription you need from the tables below.  Our transcription costs, UK are in Sterling, but we can also quote in other currencies if required.


Audio transcription – one speaker audio (excludes medical)

Standard 24 hour service:£1.20 per audio minute
Sameday service:£1.40 per audio minute
Overnight service:£1.60 per audio minute
Weekend service:£1.40 per audio minute
4 hour service:£1.60 per audio minute
After midnight service:£1.60 per audio minute

Medical transcription add 20p per audio minute.

This includes the typist proof reading the document.

Interviews – Intelligent Transcription

One to one interviews:£1.30 per audio minute
Three to four persons:£1.40 per audio minute
Five to six speakers:£1.50 per audio minute
Seven to eight speakers:£1.60 per audio minute.
Nine to ten speakers:£1.70 per audio minute.
Eleven to twelve speakers:£1.80 per audio minute.

This includes the typist proof reading the document.

Sameday, weekend and overnight add 20p per audio minute
Verbatim interviews 20p per audio minute extra
Verbatim interviews for discourse analysis 40p per audio minute extra
Medical interviews add 30p per audio minute extra.

3 day turnaround minus 5p per audio minute.
One week turnaround minus 10p per audio minute.

Work Under 5 minutes long

5 minutes Normal charge
4 minutes £5.00
3 minutes £4.00
2 minutes £3.00
1 minute £2.00

Other Services

Copy typing and Word Processing

£12 per 1000 words for printed text and £16 per 1000 word for handwritten.  Typing that includes tables or needs extra formatting will be charged at £33.00 per hour.


If typos or errors are made by Fingertips they will be amended free of charge provided the work is returned to us within 48 hours of the client receiving it. Extra amendments or additions made by the client will be charged at £33.00 per hour.


£8 per slide or £33 per hour. This may vary depending on complexity.

Data entry

To be discussed and agreed with Fingertips.


£0.40 per letter.

Printing (black and white)

£0.30 per page.


£0.35 per page.

Invoice terms

Payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice. Fingertips reserve the right to charge 8% above the Bank of England base rate on late payment. Payments are to be made by bank transfer, credit card or cheque to Fingertips Typing Services. Payment for couriers and postage of materials will be borne by the client.

After 6pm

Our receptionists answer calls from 8.30am until 6pm. If you need to contact us after this time for evening or urgent work, please call 07985 111281.

Please contact us today and ask us for our transcription rates.  We will be happy to provide a quote on your project.