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Data Entry Services

We offer data entry services. Data is normally typed into Microsoft Excel and is charged on a per line basis. The charge per line is dependent upon the number of fields/cells to be typed into per line. Please call or email us and we will provide you with a quote. Examples of data entry we have typed into Excel:

We received books from the 1960s with handwritten data entries of descriptions of photographs of machinery. There were approximately 30,000 data entries altogether. We have entered data in response to questionnaires. Questionnaires can be multiple choice or full answers. Many questions usually contain sub questions.

Questionnaires usually come in large quantities and we usually charge per questionnaire rather than per field of data.

We transcribe simple names, addresses and contact details. We have typed Schedules of Services from PDF. The data was extremely tiny and there were lots of lengthy paragraphs. We can take on any size job, either 10 lines or 50,000.  We can provide data entry services, UK, or overseas.

Data entry projects can be scanned and emailed to us, sent in the post or couriered.

It is extremely important that we are consistent with our data entry text and we ensure this by adhering to the following: Check for person’s title. If no title is given then check this against the name and gender. The Title i.e. Mr, Mrs, Miss will either have a dot or not, whichever the client prefers. If the respondent is a female and no title is given we will enter Ms. where a name is present.  If a name is missing we will highlight this cell in yellow and this will apply to any other missing information.

If we are working from handwritten text and a word is illegible we will enter what we believe it to read and highlight the text in red so the client can check it. We check email addresses for valid characters i.e emails must contain the @ sign and either have, .com,, .org etc. at the end.

Addresses are usually inputted into separate cells for each line of address so that they are usable in a mail merge. If parts of an address are missing we will endeavour to fill this in by using Multi Map or the Royal Mail Postcode Finder.

We check telephone numbers have the correct amount of digits and that they read in a consistent form. Multiple choice: We check that only the required boxes have been filled in. We check with the client which symbol they wish to use as a tick i.e. an ‘X’ or a tick. Data can be posted, couriered or scanned and emailed to us.

Please contact us with details of your data entry project, and we will provide you with a quotation.


“We use Fingertips on a regular basis for their data entry services, sometimes everyday. Their system is easy to use, I can just drag and drop my files into a folder, and it appears in another folder, transcribed, accurate and on time.”
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