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Scientific Editing Services

The time and personal effort expended in researching and preparing a scientific research paper is significant; sometimes to the detriment of proofreading and attention to detail whilst typing. Scientific editing services are extremely useful for a flawless manuscript.

Checking a manuscript for errors

Don’t let errors undermine your scientific research content. Our educated and experienced science editors can ensure your article is clear, cohesive and well structured.

We can also help with proofreading and copy-editing of grant applications, books and book chapters, proposals and other articles. With your raw copy, our manuscript editing services can provide a finished article that would pass muster with the most stringent journal editor or peer reviewer.

Don’t worry if English is not your native language, our experienced editors will work with you to ensure that your article reads well and is accurate to a standard and specification of English language scientific and academic journals, without losing your original writing intent.

Our scientific editing services include a thorough check for punctuation, grammar, and edit for clarity and style and restructure paragraphs and sections, as well as ensuring technical accuracy. Regardless of your specialism, we have access to scientific editors experienced in many fields and all have scrupulous attention to detail and a common-sense approach to medical scientific paper editing.

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