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Things to remember when recording for transcription

What to do when recording for transcription

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Things to Remember When Recording for Transcription

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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microphoneIf you have an important meeting, interview, or speech that you hope to have transcribed after the event is complete, then there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind as you set up to record the conversation.

Today, online transcription services are quite incredible.  With the use of new technology, it is possible for our transcriptionists to turn out quality work in a very short span of time.  But, the timing of project turn around does depend on the quality and length of the recording being transcribed.  While we understand that you want the typed document as quickly as possible, you also want to be sure that you are getting quality, accurate audio transcription.  There are a few things that you can do to help to ensure that you get the best of both.

Be Clear About Your Needs It is important that you be very open your expectations when hiring a transcriptionist.  Some people need the greatest possible attention to detail.  However, others will ask that sections of the tape simply be edited out, as they have been deemed unnecessary.  And, some clients will want every ‘hmmm’ or ‘umm’ typed, while others want those omitted.  Be clear about your needs, up front, and it will save time on editing the piece later.

Speak Clearly Be sure that your audio equipment is set up in the best possible position to clearly catch the words that everyone speaks.  If there is someone in the room who speaks particularly softly, you may want to move the recorder closer to that person.  Also, when hiring digital transcription services, be sure that you carefully consider the accents of the people recorded.  When heavy accents or other languages are part of the recording, it is important to choose a transcriptionist familiar with these speech patterns.

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