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Staying Connected – activities for young and old alike!

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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I hope the gloomy weather hasn’t dampened your spirits this week, especially as the sun looks to be returning from tomorrow! Whatever the weather, this week’s blog has a mixture of ideas to keep you busy indoors and out – enjoy!

This weekend

  • World Gin Day: This Saturday is World Gin day and you can celebrate this special day with this online masterclass hosted by Fever Tree. Their expert teams will guide you through an array of different ways to enjoy your fave tipple, as well as test your knowledge on the history of gin and let you in on a few top tips and tricks for mastering the perfect gin at home.
  • Become a Champagne expert: If you prefer bubbles to gin, this one might be for you! The Comité Champagne, the organisation that represents all Champagne houses globally, has launched its brand new online learning course. Covering the Champagne making process, the terroir, 300 year history of Champagne and crucially, tasting. To enhance the learning experience further, the Comité Champagne has a unique 360 VR tour of the region so you can pretend you’re there too! Sign up here and take a virtual tour of the region here
  • Rave in Ibiza (sort of…): Once you have had a few drinks, you will be ready to have some fun and the one and only Glitterbox (if you know, you know) has announced a series of digital events. No Glitterbox party would be complete without its larger-than-life production and performers, who will be appearing on the stream via video link-ups across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Glitterbox’s colourful squad of drag performers will also be bringing the ‘Express Yourself’ ethos to life through a series of Instagram Live sessions. If like me, you’ve had a weekend abroad cancelled this summer, this one is for you. Sequins are compulsory.

Kids activities

Refresh your home and garden

It’s been said that refreshing your home and/or garden not only gives you something to do in lockdown, but it is good for the mind to make changes to your everyday surroundings. In keeping with that, I have included some links below to give you ideas on how you can do this yourself, as well as including some incredible garden makeovers sent in by you!



TV/Box Sets

What the Butler saw………


With the news dominated by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests around the world, this is now the main topic of conversation in households and social media.  In our family we realise that although we like to think of ourselves as being knowledgeable, we are guilty of not being educated enough on this subject.  The following movies and documentaries may help with our ongoing education:-

  • 13th (Netflix) – Did you know that slavery is still not completely outlawed in the USA? The 13th Amendment adopted in 1865 which abolished slavery except as “a punishment for conviction of a crime”.  This documentary explores the implications of this wording of the amendment.
  • Selma – A powerful film that portrays the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting right marches that were led by Dr Martin Luther King Jr.  Although not entirely historically accurate, worth watching just to comprehend the oppression that the civil rights movement encountered.
  • When They See Us (Netflix) – Dramatisation of the events of the 1989 Central Park jogger case, where five boys of colour are arrested and co-erced into confessing an attack on a woman that they did not commit.  Also recommended (but I have not seen yet) is a follow up Oprah Winfrey interview called When They See Us Now.
  • Murder to Mercy The Cyntoia Brown Story (Netflix) – A documentary about 16 year old girl who is tried and sentenced as an adult for murder, when really, she was as much a victim.
  • What’s My Name? (HBO) – Documentary about the greatest and most famous sportsman of all time Mohammad Ali, which not only covers his sporting achievement and battle with Parkinsons but also beautifully illustrates his struggles with race, his allegiances to the Nation of Islam and how he was treated by authorities during the Vietnam War.
  • We need to talk about an Injustice (TED Talks/You Tube) – Bryan Stevenson a human rights attorney for children, the poor and people of colour gave this amazing talk at TED 2012.  This talk received the longest standing ovation in TED history and over the course of 18 minutes raised of $1million in donations from the audience.  If you watch just one recommendation, watch this.

It is a strange time for us all.  Our children have been off school for three months, holidays cancelled, weddings and weekends away.  More importantly, some of us will have lost loved ones to this virus which is the saddest thing of all.

I for one will be logging on to the Rave in Ibiza this weekend.  I am looking forward to this!

Have a great weekend everybody.


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