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Fingertips Typing Services

Dictation Services

Fingertips can provide dictation services. We can transfer your text into audio, whether it be a large training manual, a small presentation or for an E-book. There are many reasons why you may need your documents in an audio format, whether it be for the hard of hearing, for a presentation, learning purposes or for people who would rather than listen than read. We can produce your audio a few different outputs but we recommend MP3 files as these are most common and will work with most devices.

We will use an audio recorder to dictate the text. If the text is a large book we can dictate the audio in parts and merge them together at the end. A dictation to text computerised service can also be used. Audio books are widely available on the internet nowadays. There is even an online bible with every page being downloadable in audio format! Audio books can be listened to on mp3 players, computers, mobile phones and tablet devices.

Types of documents you require in an audio format:

Training manuals
Company brochures
Marketing material
School books and teaching material
Financial reports
Reports for conferences

Audio books that are on an analogue format such as vinyl record or cassette can be made into digital format by using our specialised software.

Text that needs to be made into audio can be done by a ‘real’ person and dictating device or we can use dictation to text software where a computerised voice reads the text into speech and is recorded into audio format. This is okay to do as long as the text has no errors in it, which the voice will of course read out, and a human would not. In essence, we believe there are certain technologies about nowadays that do try to do the work for you, but you can never really beat the results of when a real transcriptionist produces text from dictation. This applies to typing dictation too. There are PDF converters and speech recognition, but they always produce errors, font inaccuracies and strange symbols. Dictation transcription will always be undertaken by a real person at Fingertips Typing, and never any of the software mentioned.

Fingertips produced an electrical training manual into audio. The manual was quite large with lots of technical jargon including diagrams and electrical units. It was quite a task but it was a different challenge for us and we enjoyed it.

Please contact us if you need our online dictation service and we can discuss it further.