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“I’ve used fingertips for many years. Always efficient and responsive and they are a pleasure to deal with.” Andrew Hempleman
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UK & International Transcriptions Services

Call our friendly team now on 0845 300 5245 for your free quote or email us now. Explore top-notch transcription services in the UK & internationally for accurate and efficient document conversion.

Friendly, Personal and Accurate Transcription

UK-based typists and secretaries experienced
in your industry. We also have telephone support.

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Transcriptions Services

Competitive Prices

Competitive prices and 24 hours availability 7 days per week. 4 hour and same day turnaround options. Priority folders can be created on your client page so you simply drop your file into the relevant folder.

Transcript Examples

Not sure which type of transcription
you need? Take a look at our transcript examples

Quality Control

Our work is carried out to the highest standard possible by the best people in the field.


Registered with The Data Protection Act.
Non-disclosure agreement provided.

All Recording Types

We take all recording types - digital files, online videos and live streaming, tapes, DVDs, CDs...

Accurate Transcription Services

Fingertips is an international & UK transcriptions company; we offer high-quality business transcription services.

We transcribe digital audio recordings, online recordings, live audio and cassettes to the highest standard. We use qualified experienced audio transcriptionists specialising in your industry.

Our expertise of audio typing and transcription UK services include:

UK & International Transcriptions Services

UK Transcription Services - Building Client Relationships

Our philosophy is to build close client relationships by providing a high quality transcriptions services. We achieve this by being professional, friendly and producing work to the highest standard, keeping costs low without compromising on quality.

Transcription Service - Fingertips Typing
Getting it Right

Fingertips provides quality transcription in The UK and overseas, and employs a team of proof readers that check, and double check the transcripts against the audio ensuring that all transcripts are returned to the highest standard.

Fingertips has been trading since 2004 and since then quality human transcription services in the UK and around the world have become more and more digital. However, we can still transcribe everything from the old VHS video tape to the up to date digital files and live streaming videos. There are various different types of transcription, please see our transcript examples page to establish which transcript you need.  Whether you use a dictaphone, your smart phone or a digital cassette recorder to record audio, Fingertips can transcribe your words into neat and accurate transcripts.

We can also timecode your documents as often as you wish, the most common is each time a speaker speaks but time codes can be every ten seconds, thirty seconds or every minute. We can transcribe from most audio file extensions including MP3, DSS, DS2, WAV, WMA, AMR, MOV, AIFF and many others. We can produce transcription online if your recordings are on the internet, for example from You Tube or your own website. Please provide the link to the audio.

We can produce audio from video files and include the burnt in timecode from the video itself. We can also produce open and closed captioning into SRT and VTT files which are used for sub titling purposes. Our captions are used for corporation training videos, webinars, online visual promotional material, university lectures, film and television.  We can produce closed captioning which are similar to sub titles but assume the audience cannot hear the audio and needs a description of what is being said.

We can transcribe from DVDs, CDs, the old VHS video tapes and mini disc recorders. We can transcribe from all cassettes including standard cassettes, mini, micro and Grundig. As times have changed the request for these is minimal (apart from police tapes which we receive regularly). However, occasionally we do receive the old fashioned cassettes. Although we have only ever received two Grundig tapes!  Please note that if you have not requested that your tapes are returned within three months then they will be recycled.

Get in touch for international & UK transcriptions.

What Makes Us Unique?
What Makes Us Unique

At Fingertips we like to offer all types of transcripts services, old and new, and we feel this is what makes Fingertips unique.

We also feel our logo represents this, the picture part being sleek, modern and current, but the font being the old typewriter font showing that we can still do things the old way too!

We are also very personable and build close client relationships.

We have met clients for lunch and talk to people over the phone. One of our elderly clients sends us gifts through the post as he is so happy with our work. We have worked with some of the largest and well known companies including BBC, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney and Virgin, to name but a few.

We have also worked with elderly individuals who need their letters transcribed. We work with everybody no matter how large or small the project.

Please see our client testimonials for some reviews from happy clients.

Proofing and Research

Our process is to transcribe your audio recording, the transcriber goes through the transcript again to check for spelling and grammar and to try and fill in any unclears. 

The transcript and audio is then sent to a proof reader to ensure the transcript is as perfect as it can be according to the audio. It is also important to carry out research of company names and other complex spellings to ensure the spellings are correct and to familiarise ourselves with your terminology. 

It is also useful if the client provides a list of keywords for complex recordings such as medical interviews.

Audio Transcription Technology

We use up to date advanced high performance technology and broadband connections ensuring that we have all the necessary equipment to undertake transcription and deliver your work in an efficient, timely manner and of the highest quality.


Fingertips provide a translation service ranging from French translation to Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Greek and most other languages.

Whether you need a document in English to German translation or an audio record from Hindi to English, we can produce the transcripts for you.

Why Choose Us?

At Fingertips our secretarial team possess the skills and expertise to provide prompt and accurate transcription. We are based in South East London and have clients nationwide and overseas.

We offer audio transcription (digital and non digital), data entry, copy typing and editing.

We are passionate about our work and will go that extra mile to ensure you are satisfied. Please see our industry experience page for information on just some of the different types of transcription we cover.

We understand confidentiality is very important. We are registered with The Data Protection Act. We will provide you with a Confidentiality Agreement and our transcriptionists all sign a Confidentiality Agreement when they join Fingertips.

Please browse our testimonials page and industry pages where you can read some of the comments we have received from our happy clients nationwide and abroad. Contact us today for a no obligation quotation.

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Generally you should allow three to four times the length of a recording, and then time for checking / proof reading. There are factors which could alter the time it takes to transcribe a recording i.e. audio quality, clearness of dictator, number of people speaking, background noise, speed of conversation, foreign accents etc.

If dialogue cannot be deciphered, we will either put what we thought was said and then highlight it in red font in square brackets with the time of the dictation, or if the word is totally inaudible, we will put unclear and the time of the dictation in red font in square brackets. Our proof reader can then listen again to these parts to try and interpret what was said. If the proof reader can still not decipher the word then the client can refer back to this time in the dictation and listen to the audio.

A discount can be given if we are given a guaranteed amount of work each month. We also reduce the price for longer turnarounds. Students receive 10% off.

We liaise via phone and email.

Your work will be passed to the most suitable secretary for your needs.

The receptionists take calls from 8.30-6pm but we transcribe in evenings and weekends as well. If you need to contact us after 6pm, we still pick up voicemails and emails, but we will happily give you mobile numbers for extra means of contact.

We have four different turnaround times, but if you need work returned, say within 2 hours, we will endeavour to meet this requirement.

Most work can be uploaded to your client page on the server. If you do not have an account on the server then work can be emailed back. It can be faxed, posted or couriered too. A copy can be put CD if required.

If typos or errors are made by us, they will be amended free of charge provided the work is returned to us within 48 hours of the client receiving it. If you wish to make extra amendments or if errors are made due to the client’s incomplete instructions, we will charge at our standard hourly rate of £15.00 per hour. Any amendments and additions to be made can be scanned, faxed or posted.

Dictation is charged per audio minute and other types of work charged per page. Data entry and mailshots are charged per entry. All other work is charged at £15.00 per hour.

Bank transfer, cheque or credit card. Cheques are made payable to Fingertips Typing Services Limited. We invoice monthly and require payment fortnightly after the date of invoice. However, some companies payment runs are 30 days and this is acceptable to us.

If your work is of a confidential nature, we can protect it with a password only known to you and therefore you will be the only recipient who can open it. The email is encrypted and will only be legible when you open it.

Generally the only details we keep on the database are your contact details and invoices. Your transcribed documents are deleted from the server a few days after they have been sent back to you.

If you have not made any changes within 48 hours of us sending your document, we will delete the file from the server.

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