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Fingertips provide proofreading services. Fingertips have a team of proof readers that proof read our transcriptionists’ work on a regular basis.

The final result is a final copy for the client, a tracked changes version for our transcriptionist to review and a proofreading report detailing and scoring on spelling, grammar, punctuation, template following and listening skills. Clients also send us documents that they would like proof read for spelling, grammar and also sometimes layout. Numbering may need altering, margins, checking paragraphs start where they should and speech marks and apostrophes in correct places.

There are many types of documents you may need proofreading including:

Leases, Books, Articles, Interview transcripts, Dissertation, Manuals, Teaching material …

The list is endless. If you are looking to get a book published you definitely need the services of a proof reader. In fact any document you are sending out should be proof read. A document containing spelling and grammatical errors never looks good and can be detrimental to the professionalism of you as an individual or your company. We can proof read from hardcopies and also provide proof reading online.

There are many types of documents you may need proofreading including:

Having the documents printed and proofreading side by side

Having the documents open on the screen and proofreading side by side

Listening to the audio against the transcript.

Proofreading, UK style will be adhered to. However, if you need American spelling, we of course, can work this way too.

Proofreading online can put a real strain on your eyes causing tiredness and headaches because you are looking at the screen for long periods of time. By printing out the documents side by side the proof reader can go through the document highlighting errors on the sheets. Symbols can be used to show certain changes that need to be made like italics, indentations, spelling errors, speech mark insertions or deletions, apostrophe insertions or deletions, paragraph inserts etc. This avoids unnecessary extra text being written on the document enabling an easier read when altering the final document on screen. The proof reader can use the find and replace tool to locate the parts that need amendments and use track changes so that the client can see what has been amended.

Proofreading hard copies may not be the preference for each proof reader and some will prefer to have the documents open side by side on the computer screen. Amendments can be made straight away with tracked changes on in order that the client can see what has been amended. The client will of course receive a clean copy. Tracked changes can be quite hard to read at times as it shows every amendment that has been made including words that have been added, deleted, commas inserted, paragraphs entered etc. If you do not want us to proof read your work this way we can highlight words and punctuation we have entered and put in brackets words we have deleted. This will be easier to read but tracked changes is the professional way to poof read and we recommend this. Alternatively we can add comments boxes which are shown on the left hand side. This can show words changed, added etc, or we may make recommendations, for example, we could recommend you add a table of contents at the beginning or a glossary at the end, add a footnote or page numbering. These comments can easily be deleted by right clicking and deleting the comment.

If you have a transcript that you need proofreading and you have the audio we can proof read the transcript against the audio and show any changes with tracked changes. We will provide a tracked changes version and a clean version.

We use for our proofreading services, UK based transcriptionists. This ensures the correct use of English spelling and grammar.

Please contact us for more information and to see how we can help.

All our Proof Reading Services:


We work for a wide range of respected universities and institutions within and beyond the UK, across all academic disciplines. 

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