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Fingertips Typing Services

Manuscript Editing Services

Are you an established or aspiring author, writer or film writer with a manuscript that needs a second pair of eyes? Proofreading and editing written work is a specialist job, and one which requires a very different skill-set than writing. Let us help you make your work truly attractive to a prospective publisher, producer or agent with our second to none manuscript editing services.

Our manuscript editors can work with you to sense-check, proofread and fine edit your manuscript for publication or submission. We know that for you this is personal; we won’t meddle with your creative intent – but can rework paragraphs to bring out imagery. Beyond the proofreading and editing you’d expect as standard to ensure there are no errors of spelling, grammar, syntax, typography and punctuation, our editors will take a reader’s eye approach, but with a level of scrutiny that will parallel that of a publisher.

Fingertips have typed and edited some very difficult manuscripts including documents that we written about 100 years ago.  The writing was the old italic style and so very difficult to read.  Our experienced transcribers and editors have experience in reading difficult manuscripts and we will produce a current, clear, legible document that you can store and use electronically.

If your publisher requires online submission, we can work with your manuscript in the online manuscript editor required by the publishing company.

We can work across all genres of fiction and non-fiction and academic writing. Whether your project is a short story, novel, play or film script, poetry or textbook, we can tailor our manuscript editing services and quotation to your individual requirements.

Old manuscript

What will we check for?

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Punctuation
  • Style and tone
  • Abbreviations, acronyms and numbers
  • Consistency in layout, font and headings
  • Sentence structure and flow
  • Use of correct language
  • We can add comments where we think the client will need to read our opinions

How we work

  • When we receive your document from you, we will carefully note the instructions you have provided and when you need the editing to be completed by.  We will ensure we know the style you require, where you need the paragraph indentations, which style headings and sub headings you require, if you need tables and diagrams inserted, line numbering, what font you require, whether you require British or American English and so on.  We can also produce a tracked changes version in order that you can see what we have changed.  We will find an editor experienced in your industry and ensure they can meet the deadline.

    We can provide you with a sample to ensure you are happy with the document before we complete the whole project.

    We can insert comments suggesting improvements on layout, order, structure and language.

    We understand that academic editing requires specialist skills and expertise.  Our editors will apply their academic editing, language, accuracy and word processing skills to ensure your finished document is suitable for its intended use.


  • Fingertips are registered with The Data Protection Act.  Our transcribers all sign confidentiality agreements.

    Our file transfer system uses secure HTTPS and TLS (Transport Layer Security) processing. This ensures that files being uploaded and downloaded across the Internet are encrypted for added privacy.

    Files on our servers also employ “Encryption At Rest”. This means that even in the unlikely event that stored files would be misplaced or stolen they are encrypted with AES-256. In addition, the three components of Encryption At Rest (encrypted files, encryption keys, and encryption/decryption processing) are each on separate servers.

    We pride ourselves on an efficient turnaround, and editing of short manuscripts can be done in 24 hours on request. Deadlines for longer manuscripts can be negotiated.

    Could your manuscript be turned into the next bestseller? With the help of Fingertips’ manuscript services it could!

    From your fingertips to our online book editor – contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.


“We asked Fingertips Typing to help us with a translation project in which the original files were poor quality PDF with extremely complex formatting. We decided we needed to get the files typed up in Word format before we could translate them, if we were going to be able to deliver a high quality output to our client.

This was an extremely challenging task, requiring Fingertips to type out nearly 200 pages of densely formatted and often semi-illegible text, against a challenging deadline. Luckily for us, they are highly professional and did an excellent job. As a result, the formatting of the files we sent back to our client were of much higher quality than the original ones.

I would strongly recommend Fingertips for anyone who needs typing support – we will definitely be using them again.”

Megan Paterson at BBI