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Why Medical Transcriptions Should Be Top Priority - Fingertips Typing


Why Medical Transcriptions Should Be Top Priority

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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With so much riding on the perfection of medical care, it would be foolish to overlook accurate transcription of: medical correspondence, clinical notes, interviews, anything else worth recording are worth recording without mistake. Fingertips Typing Services specializes in providing the most accurate transcriptions available by using the best technology and trained specialists for the sake of helping your organisation excel.

A cornerstone of our business is confidentiality. We provide you with the utmost assurance that all information we transcribe, from inside or outside your business, remains undisclosed. This will not only help you feel safe, but also satisfy the customers and partners who rely on your discretion. You can view our registration with the Data Protection Act of 1988 by following the link on our Audio Transcription page. By taking these steps for you, we assure you and your clients’ confidentiality so you don’t have to worry about keeping up to code.

Our expert transcription specialists are also trained and up to date on the best techniques available. This goes as much for their ability to transcribe as it does for their technological savvy. They use the best in recording and transcribing software, all industry standards that are actually quite changing. Taking advantage of our Phone In services will drastically decrease your overhead cost by eliminating your need for more employees and digital recorders. Going straight through us creates a more immediate system for both you and your clients while keeping prices low.

Fingertips Typing is ideal for medical services with our top-notch confidentiality, our option to cover Phone In services, and for the wide range of medical areas we can help you with. From running a small, specialized practice to an entire clinic, not having to hire your own transcriptionists or purchase ever-evolving technology will help you save money and focus on what matters.

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