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Machine Generated Transcripts

With ever advancing developments in the AI world, we would like to introduce some new services that we feel will enhance our transcription.

Machine generated transcripts can work exceptionally well on clear audio. However, it still has challenges. For interviews, it doesn’t always separate the speakers correctly and some words can be misheard or missed out. Poor audio and accents will also produce a less accurate transcript.

However, if you choose our AI and proof option, we will go through the whole file against the audio. This will ensure a very accurate transcript produced in less time than if we typed it from scratch. If you need a transcript really quickly, we can generate it for you and supply it straight away.


Machine Generated with human proof

Machine Generated with human proof through whole file £1.10 per minute. Although only 20p per minute less than our standard £1.30 human typed transcript, the turnaround on this should be quicker by about half the time and just as accurate as it will be proofed the whole way through.  Please add 10p per minute every two speakers like our usual transcripts.

These can be time stamped for free.

If you have a link to an online recording, please provide this and we can generate a transcript for you.

Chat GPT services that can be provided using generated transcript

Create blog using one of our writers: Please contact us for a quote.

Create short summarised transcription using Chat GPT

Create detailed summarised transcription using Chat GPT

Create social media posts for Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Twitter (approx. 4 of each).

Other prompt of your choice to Chat GPT

Cost for all:

£20 for short transcripts and £30 for long transcripts plus VAT.

SRT files

We can export your transcript into SRT.  We will proof the file.  Let us know you are happy with it and make any tracked changes, then we can make the amends and send you the finished SRT.

Cost £3-4 per minute plus VAT.


We can export your file into 134 languages. Please let us know what language you need.

30p per minute.

If you require proofing, please contact us for a quote.

What are the Benefits of machine generated transcription?

  • Very quick turnaround.
  • Cost effective.
  • You can work on several files at the same time .

What are the Benefits of human transcription?

  • Provide contextual sense — people can put emotion, tone, pitch, personality or accent idiosyncrasies into their correct meaning when transcribing. This is arguably the greatest feet an AI bot can hardly undertake.
  • Can work with poor audio quality — manual transcribers can detect what background noise is all about, decide to cut it out, or include it if appropriate.
  • Highly precise — in case of complex audio file like overlapping voices, and speakers speaking at the same time, manual work provides a relatively cleaner output.
  • Able to edit and proofread errors — humans will enter correct grammar and punctuation leading to a refined transcript.
  • Humans are good at identifying speakers in multi speaker files.
  • Humans can research correct spellings of names, places and technical jargon.

What are the disadvantages of machine transcription?

  • Not accurate with poor audio. Noisy backgrounds will affect the transcript, speakers overspeaking each other of if the audio itself has technically low quality.
  • Not good at identifying different speakers. Will often put two speakers in the same sentence.
  • Although accurate with single speaker audio, it will type the word ‘paragraph’, ‘comma’ and ‘backslash’ and other instructions so a human will need to go through and remove these.
  • Can not always decipher context — will not understand puns, humour, or sarcasm. Will not understand nuances. Doesn’t put in [laughter] or [coughing] etc.
  • It’s less precise — it can put in words or omit words that are not spoken by speakers especially when they throw in accents or dialects.
  • Human will need to revisit an AI generated transcript to break paragraphs, sentences, words and to remove unnecessary commas.
  • Cannot research correct spellings of names, places and technical jargon like a human can.

What are the disadvantages of human transcription?

  • It can be very costly for clients — transcription companies charges prices depending on the nature of the task and how long it will take. This will be dependent on many factors and how long it will take to produce.
  • It’s time taxing — long recordings and those with noisy backgrounds and strong accents can take a human 7 or 8 times the length of the recording instead of the standard 3 or 4 times as they have to go back and forth to understand nuances and decipher what is being said.
  • Limited capacity — if there is a huge project, the transcription company may not be able to return it within the timeframe.

What is the future for AI and human transcription?

What is the future for AI and human transcription?​

We believe that human transcription is here to stay!  Whilst many clients may choose to use AI transcription for cost purposes, we believe it will not save time as the transcript needs to be read through especially for technical, sensitive and important documents such as law, medical and academic transcription.

For clients that use templates such as surveyors, it will take too much time to cut and paste all the text into the templates.

AI can help with clear audio interview transcription in terms of time saving, but again, it needs to be read through to ensure speakers are identified correctly, that grammar, punctuation and spelling is correct and no words are inserted or omitted.

In a nutshell, let us use AI to our advantage whilst keeping us transcriptionists doing the job that we love.