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Other Services provided by Fingertips Typing

Other Services provided by Fingertips Typing

Other Services

This page and subsequent sub pages details other services we can provide you including Secretarial Services, Dictation Services, Excel formatting, Proof Reading and Mail outs.  

At Fingertips we want to offer our clients the fullest range of secretarial services that we can.  During Fingertips operating years we have been given a very different range of projects from our clients.  We receive mailshots from time to time.  A letter will be set up in Word and names and addresses entered into Excel and then the mail out created from that.  We also receive boxes of leafets that need putting into envelopes and posting out.  Letter labels need creating for the envelopes and the letters taking to the post office for stamping and sending out.  Companies do not seem to do this so much nowadays what with the price of stamps going up and up, and the use
of e-mail costing nothing, most people opt for this option for their marketing and letter contact.

We have answered telephone calls for clients, kept a diary, relayed the messages etc.  We have gone into client’s offices to undertake secretarial and admin tasks. One of our transcribers went to London in a taxi for a few nights one week as our client, a solicitor, wanted her transcription done in house.  The client’s address was very tucked away in a back street somewhere, but my transcriptionist didn’t mind and the task was completed, with a very happy client, which is our only aim at the end of the day, happy clients!  As well as these various admin services we can of course offer general transcription services too.

We also dictated a whole electrical manual a couple of years ago. It was quite a challenge as it contained lots of physic jargon, diagrams and units.

Sometimes clients would like documents producing in Excel, whether this be invoices, tabulated entries, graphs, surveying documents such as Schedules of Condition and so forth.  Secretaries experienced in Excel need to be used for this as the layout needs to look as intended, formulas used correctly, auto filter, data sorting, the list is endless.

We can also carry out proof reading for your documents.  This can be straightforward proofing text or amending layout, spacing, font size, margins etc.  Although if a full change of layout is needed, this will come under word processing.  See our Word Processing, Copy Typing and Editing page.

Please view our sub pages for further information on all of these topics.

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