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3 Areas of Legal Services That Can Benefit From Transcription Services - Fingertips Typing


3 Areas of Legal Services That Can Benefit From Transcription Services

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Law is one of the most multifaceted professions around, covering everything from medicine to technology to engineering to economy. Legal services inspect all types of information mediums such as verbal communication, written or typed information, and especially complicated forms. With so much information flooding into the realms of law, partnering with a transcription service provider like Fingertips Typing can help bring all inputs into an organized system.

Audio recordings are a main part of legal services that are often lengthy, jumbled, yet extremely detailed and important. These can be witness accounts, confessions, and even PACE tapes that are permeated by an annoying audible timestamp. Fingertips Typing will transcribe these audios for easier use and something that will help solicitors quickly find the section they want out of a long and often rambling resource.

It’s a common joke to make fun of doctors’ penmanship, but truly abysmal script can be found everywhere. This is particularly true in law with notes being jotted down by officers, assistants, and even people writing a testimony or statement. Solicitors should not subject themselves to having to struggle through decoding this jargon. Instead, Fingertips Typing will compile all types of written information into succinct and easily navigable content, saving users tons of time and the risk of making mistakes, as our specialists are proficient with hard-to-read writing.

Fingertips Typing goes beyond simple transcription and also helps with proof reading, standardizing, and simplification. We provide our incredibly polished skills in English and composition to all needs in order to help you save time and look professional.

Audio transcription may be what comes to mind initially with Fingertips Typing, but our skills are much more diverse. We will help streamline your legal resources in a professional and easy to use way.

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