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CNN International Highlights Medical Transcription, Work-From-Home

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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neat-desk-274258-mIn a recent article in CNN International, there was a coverage on the topic of work-from-home careers.  Many people are seeking this type of work, which provides them greater comfort and freedom during the working hours.  Furthermore, working from home means that there is no commute and no need to fork over hard earned cash for gas or public transportation.

On the list of the top five best work from home positions, there were careers such as Telemedicine – nurses and pharmacists answering medical questions via phone and video conference, tech support, virtual assisting, and online-based teaching. However, at the very top of the list was the job that means the most to us – medical transcription.

Despite claims that this career path is going to erode as a result of automated digital transcription services, it remains a top job among work-from-home professionals.  That comes down to the fact that automated services do not provide the accuracy and understanding that a human being can.

Medical transcriptionists receive doctors’ dictation and translate it into text documents for the sake of easy filing and record keeping.  It is not just the medical facility that hires medical transcriptionists however.  They are in high demand among other professionals as well.  Quite frequently, insurance agencies need medical transcription services, and larger transcription firms will often outsource work overflow to independent contractors.

There is a certain level of education and training required for this sort of work, which does deter many people who fear fronting the money to pay for this necessary instruction.  Nevertheless, those who take the risk will generally admit that it was entirely worthwhile, and that offering transcription services online provided them with many job-related luxuries that they would not have enjoyed with a normal 9-5:00 career.

You can read more about this, and the other highlight work-from-home careers at CNN International.

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