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5 Reasons to Outsource Audio Transcription Needs - Fingertips Typing

Audio Transcription

5 Reasons to Outsource Audio Transcription Needs

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Audio transcription needs might creep up when no one ever thought it would be an issue, or can also be an unyielding nuisance for some. Whatever the need, Fingertips Typing Services transcription specialists are an indispensible option for these 5 reasons:

Languages-Fingertips Typing caters to their customers’ needs and will strive for proficiency in all languages. This can be a miracle for companies hosting interviews, marketing research, or anything else.

Confidentiality-Fingertips Typing is dedicated to unparalleled confidentiality. With our needs covering legal, medical, and sensitive customers of all types, confidentiality is a pillar of our business.

Honest About Unclear Words-Sometimes misunderstanding a single word can be detrimental. Because of this, our specialists will be honest about completely unclear words or will express uncertainty if what they hear is hard to discern. Although our specialists are highly trained and experienced with all types of difficulties, there are sometimes indecipherable situations and we want you to know about it.

Verbatim Options-Our specialists can transcribe completely verbatim with slang, stutters, and fillers. They can also transcribe verbatim intelligently by producing proper semantic products without the loss of meaning.

Low Overhead-It is our job to provide unmatched transcription, which is why we take the responsibility of training, staying up to date with technology, and striving for overall perfection. Our staff are extremely versatile and can fill any niche, effectively working as an extension of your business.

Getting this same care in-house would be incredibly expensive and it would be difficult for you to keep your transcriptionists up to industry standards while still running the rest of the business. Outsourcing transcription needs is an optimal way to save money and time whether working with interviews, market research, or any other professional needs. Fingertips Typing Services will save you money, headache, all whilst providing perfect results.

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