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Fingertips Typing Services

FAQs: Fingertips Typing Services

FAQs: Fingertips Typing Services

How long does it take to transcribe a recording?

Generally you should allow three to four times the length of a recording, and then time for checking / proof reading. There are factors which could alter the time it takes to transcribe a recording i.e. audio quality, clearness of dictator, number of people speaking, background noise, speed of conversation, foreign accents etc.

What happens if you cannot hear certain words in my transcription?

If dialogue cannot be deciphered, we will either put what we thought was said and then highlight it in red font in square brackets with the time of the dictation, or if the word is totally inaudible, we will put unclear and the time of the dictation in red font in square brackets. Our proof reader can then listen again to these parts to try and interpret what was said. If the proof reader can still not decipher the word then the client can refer back to this time in the dictation and listen to the audio.

Do you give volume discounts?

A discount can be given if we are given a guaranteed amount of work each month. We also reduce the price for longer turnarounds. Students receive 10% off.

How do we work together?

We liaise via phone and email.

What happens if my secretary at Fingertips is absent?

Your work will be passed to the most suitable secretary for your needs.

What are your opening hours?

The receptionists take calls from 8.30-6pm but we transcribe in evenings and weekends as well. If you need to contact us after 6pm, we still pick up voicemails and emails, but we will happily give you mobile numbers for extra means of contact.

When will my work be ready?

We have four different turnaround times, but if you need work returned, say within 2 hours, we will endeavour to meet this requirement.

How will my work be delivered?

Most work can be uploaded to your client page on the server. If you do not have an account on the server then work can be emailed back. It can be faxed, posted or couriered too. A copy can be put CD if required.

What if I find errors in my work?

If typos or errors are made by us, they will be amended free of charge provided the work is returned to us within 48 hours of the client receiving it. If you wish to make extra amendments or if errors are made due to the client’s incomplete instructions, we will charge at our standard hourly rate of £15.00 per hour. Any amendments and additions to be made can be scanned, faxed or posted.

How do you charge?

Dictation is charged per audio minute and other types of work charged per page. Data entry and mailshots are charged per entry. All other work is charged at £15.00 per hour.

How is payment made and how often?

Bank transfer, cheque or credit card. Cheques are made payable to Fingertips Typing Services Limited. We invoice monthly and require payment fortnightly after the date of invoice. However, some companies payment runs are 30 days and this is acceptable to us.

How can I ensure nobody else opens my emailed document?

If your work is of a confidential nature, we can protect it with a password only known to you and therefore you will be the only recipient who can open it. The email is encrypted and will only be legible when you open it.

How long do you keep my files on your computer?

Generally the only details we keep on the database are your contact details and invoices. Your transcribed documents are deleted from the server a few days after they have been sent back to you.

How often do you keep my dictation files?

If you have not made any changes within 48 hours of us sending your document, we will delete the file from the server.

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