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Transcription: The Best Aspects of the Job

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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home-office-438386_640Are you considering a career as a transcriptionist?  It is a great career path for many people. Whether you will offer corporate-, legal-, or medical transcription services, there are certainly advantages to holding such a position.

Skip the Messy Commute Snow, rain, ice, wind, traffic – they are all miserable terms for the people who have to drive to and from work each day.  Luckily, in the field of transcription, there is rarely the need to make such a commute.  In fact, many transcriptionists work from home today.  That means that they don’t even have to drive a few miles to the office.  They can climb from their beds and walk to their desks.

No Dress Code The ability to work from home holds many benefits, but most will joke and laugh about their dress code, because there isn’t one.  You don’t have to dress up to perform audio transcription.  Rarely will the transcriptionist be seen, and therefore, he or she can work in his or her pajamas. There is no better dress code than that.

Cost-Effective Lunches In addition to the lax approach to clothing, there is also the advantage of not having to go out for lunch.  Whether it is a sandwich, a cup of yogurt, a salad, or a bowl of cereal, you can get it right from your own kitchen, which means that you aren’t overpaying for every lunch.

The Bits of Personality It’s not just the proximity of the job that makes it so enticing.  While much of the job is simply putting others’ words into text, there are the brilliant moments that make the rest of the work entirely worthwhile.  The occasional joke, humorous comment, or unexpected statement can provide great entertainment during the work hours.  Very often, the people having their work transcribed are not thinking of the person who hears and translates their words.  Instead, they are speaking as their personal thoughts aloud, and that can lead to some very funny comments.

Learning Something New This isn’t mere data entry, and because of the nature of the job, you simply can’t help but learn something new with each job.  You will learn a great deal about the profession that you are transcribing for.

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