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Transcriptionists Hired By Brides to Create Lasting Reminders

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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800px-StateLibQld_1_125551_Wedding_reception_at_the_Bellevue_Hotel,_Brisbane,_1938When thinking of the people who seek out the assistance with transcription, medical professionals, lawyers, researchers, and businessmen might come to mind.  Few though would think of a woman in her wedding gown.  Yet, this use of digital transcription is a new concept that more and more brides are jumping on board with.

The wedding day is so long planned for, so much goes into making it a success.  So, it is not surprising that brides want as many reminders as possible of the big day.  When a bridesmaid, father of the bride, or best man gives a speech that leaves the audience in tears, in fits of laughter, or in awe, then it is something worth remembering.  While video of the speech is great, there are times when it is better to have it in writing.  Many brides would also like to be able to capture on paper exactly what was said during the ceremony.  The nerves of the moment can override everything else, leaving the bride wishing to relive it.

Wedding transcription is still a relatively new idea and relies on the bride seeking out transcription services online, but it is one that is catching on.  Whether it is a full script of everything said into the video camera that night, or just one of the more meaningful speeches, there is something special about having that captured in text, verbatim.

Brides have used these transcriptions to create beautiful scrap books, to capture a memory on social media, or as something special to give their grooms on the first anniversary.

The wedding day is full of memories that should not be lost to time, and not all of those can be captured in photographs.  And, while you might have trouble getting others to sit down and watch your wedding video, you could hang a framed copy of a speech in a gorgeous font, and people would stop to read it.

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