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Podcasts Transcription SEO

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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PodcastlogoPodcasts Transcription SEO – If you have had any luck with your regularly running podcast, then you likely have become familiar with the term ‘SEO’.  SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a system of producing content that is likely to be found when search certain keywords on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  While it is a continually changing science, there are a few things about SEO that are known truths:

1.    Content Counts Regularly updating the content on your website is the best way to ensure that you work your way up the search engine standings.  So the regularly running podcast is a great thing.

2.    Choosing the Right Keywords is Paramount Using the right keywords in your podcast, and in the title can help to ensure that your intended audience is able to find your new content.

3.    The Search Engine Spiders Don’t Have Ears Unfortunately, even your greatest podcast is going to fail if your only audience is the search engine spiders.  The pieces of code used to scour the internet for new content, called spiders, cannot decipher audio.  And, because those spiders are responsible for determining which content will be best for the search engine user, you want to be sure that they enjoy your content.

In order to give your site an SEO boost, consider transcription services online.  Digital transcription services can be used to create quick, accurate text versions of your podcasts.  These trained professionals will type out each new podcast, word for word, with quick turnaround times, so you can post an audio and a text version of the content.  Your audience can still enjoy the usual format, but the spiders will be able to decipher what you have to say.  They will pick up on those important keywords and that means that you have a better chance of reaching the top of the search results list. Audio transcription is an affordable service and well worth the investment, if it means that your audience grows.

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