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Genealogy: The Importance of Transcription - Fingertips Typing

Using transcription services for geneology

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Genealogy: The Importance of Transcription

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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3228640890_1117ff7a60_mA lot of genealogy can be done via photo copy printer and digital camera there are times when it is necessary to hand coffee or type a copy of a document, word for word. Not all that long ago our ancestors were forced to keep records by hand. It was not until the invention of the typewriter and then subsequently the computer that type documents became commonplace. Plus it is not uncommon to come across his written documents as you do family history search.

If you are in the process of learning more of your genealogy you may want to consider digital transcription services. You can take a great deal of time if not set up with the proper tools and experience to transcribe a long document. Yet what might take you days can frequently be done by a professional in mere hours because they have been properly set up for this type of work.

Some of the most common genealogical records transcriptionist receive are journals. There are few items more prized by a genealogist than a journal. These Hambra written records provide a great deal of insight into the past and into the lives of our ancestors. The first person account of happenings years before our births can provide us information that 100 legal documents couldn’t.

Trying to make out in writing that has been worn away after years of storage, or what was barely legible to begin with can make the process of discovery much more challenging. Transcription services online can turn that handwritten document into an easily searched and saved file.

In addition to making it easier for you to read through the journal the transcription services will allow you to have a file that can be referenced throughout your research process. It will also provide a level of durability and a handwritten journal cannot guarantee. The digital file, along with printed copies, can help to ensure that the legacy of the journalist continues.

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