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Transcribing Your Podcast

How transcribing your podcast can really boost your business

Podcast Transcription

How transcribing your podcast can really boost your business

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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It’s a proven fact that people like to engage with other people.  So, if you’re trying to establish yourself a business leader or an expert, or you’ve simply just got something to say, then one of the best ways to do this is via a podcast.  Listening to someone is much more intimate than reading their blog.  If you can hear someone’s voice they become real and their message more powerful. Transcribing your podcast can be extremely beneficial.

But, let’s take a step back for a moment and get back to basics.  What is a podcast?

Well, it’s a combination of the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’ and whilst podcasting is by no means a new phenomenon it is still growing.  Its popularity is rising for those particularly in the entertainment, journalism and business fields because of its great benefits.  For example, podcasts are:

Personal – as I mentioned before, listening to someone’s voice is much more engaging and intimate than reading their blog or their newsletter.

Flexible – once you’ve downloaded a podcast you can listen to it whenever and wherever you like.

Quick – when a person subscribes to a podcast, all future podcasts are automatically downloaded onto their computer as soon as they become available.

But the benefits don’t just stop there.  Podcasts are relatively easy to produce with very little costs involved and have the potential to reach a massive target audience. They fit in with our hectic lifestyles and can be downloaded from computers to iPods to MP3 players so that we can listen to them while we’re commuting or doing the ironing.

So, if the podcast alone offers all these benefits, what’s the point in having it transcribed?

Well, because people usually subscribe to podcasts (in the same way as they would subscribe to a newsletter, for example) via blogs.  And without getting too technical, blogs are usually full of rich content, packed with SEO keywords and the search engines love them.  They drive traffic to the blogger’s website and boost visitor numbers.  As yet, however, audio formats don’t work in this way.

So, that’s why transcribing your podcast is such a great idea.  It opens up a whole new world of marketing prospects.

  1. Your podcast transcript will appear in search engine results.
  2. This could lead to an increase in your website visitors and subscribers.
  3. You can sell the podcast and its transcript (plus maybe a bonus feature) as a bundle.
  4. You can create an e-book of your podcast transcripts and sell that too.
  5. You can prevent repetition.  Rather than wonder if you’ve already mentioned that anecdote or referred to that case study, looking through a transcript is a much quicker way to check.

So can you see how transcribing your podcast can become a powerful SEO tool which links your audio and written formats? Can you see how it can be an effective marketing tool?

If you’re a podcaster and you’re considering having your work transcribed then get in touch, we’d love to show you just how beneficial it can be.

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