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Transcription of radio shows

Radio Show Transcription

Transcription of Radio Shows

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Many people host radio shows these days. Whether it’s a small-knit, volunteer community organisation that’s filtering through our airwaves, or it’s a local, regional or national concern, transforming your audio into a written form is a great way to give your listeners added value.


Here’s just a few reasons why.

1.      Taking Care of Your Regulars

Looking at it from your listener’s perspective, it’s not always easy to catch a radio show – no matter how fantastic it is or how much they really want to listen.  Life takes over.  We all get caught up with family responsibilities, domestic chores or work and miss out on the good stuff.  So, to make sure your old faithfuls don’t lose out, just add a transcript of your show to your website or RSS feed.

2.      Catering for Different Needs

Some people prefer to read a transcript of a radio show rather than listen to it.  Because of their very nature, most radio programmes are a lively combination of talking, music and sometimes adverts.  And so whilst the time-poor amongst us may not have a free hour to sit and listen to the show, they can probably find 15 minutes to read the transcript.

3.        Finding the Specifics

It’s so much easier to find a specific point in a radio show from a transcript.  If you listened to an interview, for example, with a local entrepreneur who was talking about how to make a passive income, then having a transcript will save you having to listen to the whole show again.  And if the transcript is time-coded too, then it can make it even easier to find.

4.      Posterity

Having transcripts of your radio show are superb for posterity. It allows you to index the programmes in subject/chronological order.  You’ll know exactly when that brilliant interview with ‘A Special Guest’ was carried out and caused so much of a stir.  What’s more, you’ll also have some great fodder when you come to write your memoirs!

5.      You Can Flood the Market with Your Message

A transcript of your radio show is a marvellous marketing tool.  Using snippets, teasers and quotes from some of your shows on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages means you can flood the market with your message.  If, for example, you interviewed a celebrity or local author, then you can serialise the interview into weekly blogs.  You can even create your own ebook that’s packed full of your favourites interviews, too.

6.      It Makes Great SEO

A transcript of your radio show is also a great way to keep those search engine spiders interested in your website.  At this point in time, you just can’t get the same results with audio or visual material (unless it’s been tagged to within an inch of its life!).

So what are you waiting for?  Get those radio shows transcribed by the Fingertips Team today and you may just open up a whole new world of followers.

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