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Transcribing a phone call

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Why Would You Transcribe a Phone Call?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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phone-receiver-1444531-mTranscription services online aren’t just reserved for big companies, medical facilities, and researchers.  Several members of the general public have discovered that they have reason to seek such assistance, and in most cases, the information being transcribed was taken from a recorded phone call.  So, why would you consider professional transcription services?

Class Assignment There have been several instances when the client coming to us for transcription assistance is a student.  Classroom assignments will often require the student to do research, when that comes in the form of an interview, it can be very handy to have the conversation transcribed.  Text documents can be easily searched for specific wording, they can be highlighted, and referencing is made much easier. It is nice to know, too, that notes don’t have to be taken throughout the interviewing process.  The attention paid to taking notes can take the focus away from the conversation and important information can be lost.

Legal Complications Unfortunately, pending lawsuits and personal injuries often bring members of the public to transcription services.  London attorneys will recommend collecting as much evidence as possible before filing a suit, which often includes witness statements.  Transcription means having a written account that can be signed by the witness and notarized, for the sake of courtroom evidence.

Surveys Whether acting on the behalf of some school organization, a child’s extracurricular organization or a non-profit, members of the public will often conduct surveys to learn more about public opinion.  While recorded phone calls can be replayed, it is much less time consuming to search through digital text files.

Medical Information This is a less frequent request, but for some individuals, it makes sense to have a written account of a doctor’s recommendations.  This is particularly true for patients suffering with dementia or memory loss.  When it is important to have a clear list of objectives for the sake of maintaining one’s health, or when the contents of the phone call are needed in order to seek a second opinion, it might be wise to consider transcription.

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