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Hiring Transcription Services: Things to Consider - Fingertips Typing

What to consider when hiring a transcription service

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Hiring Transcription Services: Things to Consider

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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check-list-1277878-mIf you are in the market for transcription services, then you will want to ensure that you know exactly what you want, what you need, and how you expect it to be delivered.  The clearer you can be about your expectations, the more likely you are to be pleased with the outcome.

What Type Of Transcription Are You Seeking? It may seem an inconsequential detail, but the type of transcription can really make a difference.  For instance, a lawyer would be best paired with a person specializing in legal transcription.  Meanwhile, a doctor seeking medical transcription services is going to be majorly let down if the transcriptionist has no understanding of basic medical terms.    Another reason that you want to be clear is that some professionals are very skilled at transcribing group dialogue, while others have only had experience with straight question and answer interviews.

How Will The Transcription Work Be Completed? You should know in advance how you want the transcriptionist to receive the information to be transcribed.  In other words will be you sending an audio file for digital transcription, or a video of your meeting?  In some instances, the transcription is best performed in person.

Is Confidentiality A Concern? While transcriptionists are generally trained to keep all information received confidential, it is a good idea to discuss this, if it is a major concern for the project or for your organization.  Aside from the general need for privacy, you should also mention if there are others who will be working with the transcriptionist during this process, or if all information and questions are to be reserved for your ears and eyes only.

What Sort Of Timeline Are You Working With? Accuracy is generally the first concern that new clients will mention, but the timeline is undoubtedly the second.  Everyone has deadlines, and transcriptionists don’t want you to miss yours.  However, if you are working on very tight timelines, then it is a very good idea to discuss this with the online transcription services before hiring.

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