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Transcription and more at your Fingertips - Fingertips Typing

Transcription and more at your Fingertips


Transcription and more at your Fingertips

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Have you ever been asked to give a presentation and felt daunted by the prospect of tackling PowerPoint?  Or felt the document you’re sending a client could look just that little bit better; somehow its appearance doesn’t match the high quality of its content, but you just don’t have the time or knowledge to make it look really smart?  Or perhaps you’re doing a mail merge and need to sort all the contact details into a proper database but know that will take up a huge amount of your time when you should be focussing on other tasks?

If so, Fingertips can help you – as well as our high quality transcription service, we also have the experience and knowledge to help you with all these problems and more. 

Data entry 

We have undertaken a wide range of work involving entering data into Access or Excel.  From completing questionnaires or entering names and addresses into a database, our typists complete the work accurately and consistently – and they also use their skills to find and fill in any missing information they can. 

One project we had involved entering information from PDF copies of a spreadsheet into Excel which sounds simple enough until you realise there were literally hundreds of scanned pages.  But the first challenge was setting up the Excel spreadsheet – it was huge having over 150 columns and nearly 300 rows!  Each typist was then given a range of pages to enter – as there were over 2,000 cells of figures (in very small print!) on most pages, this wasn’t as easy as it might seem either.  And, of course, there was a deadline for entering all the data, checking it, and then putting the whole Excel jigsaw puzzle together into one accurate document.

This was not only a huge task but also a big logistical challenge – and, thanks to the hard work of a team of Fingertips typists, we did manage to meet the deadline without letting quality of work slip at all.

So whether you have 10 lines or 100,000 of data to enter, we can help.

Copy typing

Fingertips typists are as good and accurate at copy typing as they are at audio transcription.  Whether you have handwritten text or scanned documents, whether you’re writing letters or a book, we can type them up and set them out as you’d like – in fact, if you’d like a template for your letters, we can set that up for you too! 

Our typists have the skills and experience to provide whatever your document needs, whether it’s copy typing straightforward text or inserting tables, bullet point lists, headers and footers, linked contents pages.

Document formatting

We’ve been presented with quite a few tests of our formatting abilities over the years, often being challenged to make an unformatted Word document look as much like a scanned copy of the document as possible; not only font style and size has to match, but also just how the text is placed on the page – right down to page and even line endings! 

In one case, we were sent numerous Word documents  to tidy up and check against the PDF files from which they’d been converted (some of the text and numbers had been “lost in translation” during the conversion process).  At the same time, we had to make sure the contents of the documents were arranged and formatted so as to be comprehensible when read by a Screen Reader (a tool which enables the visually impaired to use computers).  And all of this needed to be completed within a tight deadline!  But the Fingertips team worked day and night and succeeded in completing the work a couple of days before the deadline!

PowerPoint presentations

If you’re presenting at a meeting or conference, or hosting a training session, a PowerPoint presentation can be a very useful visual aid.  Fingertips can not only prepare your presentation, we can also design it to meet your specific needs. 

A teacher presenting to a room full of ten-year olds might want something bright and eye catching with animations and transitions to hold the pupils’ attention, whereas a businessman making a sales pitch to a potential client might need pictures, spreadsheets, tables or graphs included in his presentation. 

Whatever your requirements, whether you want animations, voice overs, videos, imported graphs, or if you want a simple but effective presentation, PowerPoint has the scope to provide the visual aid you need, and Fingertips has the expertise to help you get the full benefit of your presentation. 

So whether you’d like to make that presentation as interesting and eye-catching as possible, or send your clients smart, professional looking documents, or tidy up that client database (and fill in the gaps where information is missing), contact Fingertips to discuss your requirements – we’re a one‑stop shop for all things typing!   

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