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New Year Poem - Fingertips Typing

New Year Poem


New Year Poem

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Happy New Year wishes from Fingertips

Two thousand and thirteen is over and done,
A busy year, full of challenge and fun.

At Fingertips we typed interviews galore,
Some with famous people we’d heard of before.

There was Daniel Radcliffe and Callum Best;
Jessica Ennis as well put our skills to the test.

We also transcribed less star-studded talks,
On subjects like milk and country walks!

Tribunals and focus groups, record what you will,
We’ll type it up, it’s all grist to our mill!

As we type and listen and type again,
We sometimes wonder if we’re going insane.

“Who’s voice was that, what did he say?”
But we don’t give up, we simply replay.

We listen and type and listen some more,
It can take so long if recording is poor.

We type and then think “I must have misheard,
I’ll play it again, surely that’s not a word!”

Failing all else we use Google or Wiki,
To look up the words we find really tricky.

Each day our fingers fly over the keys,
We really have been such busy bees!

And we do work so hard when deadlines are tight,
If need be we even type all through the night.

But when transcribing audio or typing up copy,
We always make sure our work’s never sloppy.

With quality control and all our proof readers,
There isn’t too much that will defeat us.

But that was last year, the new one’s here now,
And we’ll work as hard as time will allow.

We’ll work even harder than we have done before,
As it is ten years since our start in 2004

We look forward to working with new clients and old,
We look forward to finding what the future will hold.

So now with a great big Fingertips cheer,
We wish clients and typists a Happy New Year!

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