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Why Hire a Transcriptionist for Your Next Press Conference

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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microphone-1370587-mWhether it is to speak to your shareholders about your most recent financial reports, or to introduce the newest member of an athletic organization, press conferences can be very influential in the business world.  While there will, undoubtedly, be recordings – video or audio – made of the event, you should consider looking into online transcription services as well.

Protect Your Message, and Your Business Though one might wish for a perfect world, in which the news is always presented in a factual, unbiased manner, journalists are not perfect, and neither is their industry.  The words that you speak during your press conference are undoubtedly well-formed, and thoughtfully presented.  If the message is inaccurately portrayed by journalists – or if statements are taken out of context – it could be damaging your brand and your business.  Digital transcription means that you have written proof of what was said and how it was stated, which is a sort of protection for your company.

Follow-Up With Press Release For many organizations, the natural follow up to a press conference is the press release.  For those who didn’t see the live event, this is a way to stay informed about the organization’s developments.  However, asking a writer to sift through a long audio recording to determine which is the best material for the press release is taxing.  Transcription services provide a detailed, written account of exactly what was said. That document can then be highlighted and referenced for the sake of preparing a press release.

Post Press Conference Meetings Very often the information discussed in a press conference is very important for investors and for the internal organization.  This will likely be discussed at great length in meetings and investor announcements.  For that reason, it is wise to consider audio transcription.  The written account can be used for handouts during such meetings.

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