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Five Industries That Routinely Need Transcription Work - Fingertips Typing

Five Industries That Routinely Need Transcription Work


Five Industries That Routinely Need Transcription Work

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Thinking of engaging a transcription service?  You are not alone.  If you thought transcription services weren’t for your industry, think again.  Here are five of the fastest growing areas requiring transcription services.

Obviously the legal field probably comes to mind first.  Whether deposing a witness or recording a legal document, transcription services can be a vital part of the justice system and the daily business transactions we all rely upon to keep things in order.  While attention to detail is critical, so is confidentiality.  These documents are particularly information sensitive, so inquire about confidentiality measures right from the start.

In a related field, police work often requires a transcription service.  Given the nature of the legal documents involved, it is particularly critical to have an accurate transcription service, as these documents can eventually end up as evidence in civil and criminal court.  Given the intense budget cuts across the nation, transcription services can be a lifesaver, not to mention a time saver.

The medical field is another place where accuracy matters tremendously.  Because a mistake can mean serious money, accuracy is a must.  This field has a specialty language of terms, conditions and treatments, so hiring a transcription service absolutely must include experience with the various terminologies in this field.  Because of billing and other insurance considerations, turnaround time on these services must be particularly quick.

Media services may not immediately come to mind, but it should.  All those video and audio files usually have to have a transcript, which can be a long and cumbersome process.  Transcription services provide levels of accuracy and turnaround times that can greatly benefit a media business – and free up precious time for your company to work on something else.

Business services can generally benefit from a transcription service.  No matter the kind of documentation required – reports, presentations, meeting minutes, etc. – transcription services can provide an accurate copy.  This is especially true in today’s globalized marketplace, which means that accuracy in English is particularly critical.

IF you have never considered a transcription service before, why not start today?  There are a variety of documentation needs a transcription service can solve in a quick and cost effective way!

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