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Making Transcription Easier: Record Clear Audio

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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listen-to-the-music-1-1408617-mOffering audio transcription services often means contending with less than stellar audio quality.  If you are someone seeking online transcription services, though, it is important to understand that projects can take longer to complete if the audio quality is poor.  You can save yourself time and money on your project if you make the effort to create the best possible audio.

Choose the Right Location  While it might be tempting to meet with your interviewee in a comfortable, neutral location like a café or sandwich shop, you are definitely sacrificing the quality of your recording by choosing a location with so much ambient, background noise.  You’d be better off to find a very quiet place, where windows and doors can be shut to reduce the disruptions.

Use a Microphone It might seem a little out of place in a one-on-one interview situation, but microphones are designed to day to eliminate white noise that could otherwise be a big issue on audio playback.  Plus, the microphone is handy when the interviewee speaks softly.  Be sure to place it in a convenient location for the person who is answering your questions.

There’s an App For That Consider the tools that you have at your disposal today.  While a tape recorded beside the speaker phone might have been the best option once upon a time, there are much better alternatives today.  There are many apps that can help with your efforts to record phone conversations.

Keep Group Discussion Controlled While it can be very handy to have recordings of collaboration meetings, if people are talking over the top of each other or the microphones are poorly placed, it can be nearly impossible to pick up the comments made by some of the speakers.

While it might take a little more time to set up a space when accounting for audio quality, it can save you a lot of time and frustration later.  If you have already recorded and interview and fear that the audio quality is not satisfactory, speak to an audio transcription professional, and allow an experienced transcriptionist review the audio.

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