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Why Transcribe an interview

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Why Transcribe an Interview

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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interview-343765-mWhether you are a member of a legal office questioning witnesses for an upcoming case, a businessman surveying consumers about their needs, or a media representative interviewing someone for your next piece, you might want to serious consider hiring interview transcription services.

EASY ACCESS There are many reasons to have a text version of a recorded interview.  Among those is the need for easy reference material later on.  Playing back audio to find the exact words used by the interviewee can be tedious and time consuming.  Yet, there are so many software options for those who want to find a particular word or phrase within a text document.  It takes no more than a few seconds to locate the exact moment in the interview that you want to reference.  Audio transcription is not something that everyone wants to take the time to do.  The services are inexpensive and provide you that luxury of a searchable document.

OVERCOME ACCENTS If you had difficulty fully understanding the responses given by the person that you were interviewing, it can make it difficult to use the material as planned.  A transcribed version will ensure that you grasp the full meaning of the words and that the interviewee isn’t misquoted.

SHARE THE MATERIAL: Working with clients or co-workers who will need access to the interview?  In this day and age, it is possible for people to simultaneously edit a document, despite being hundreds of miles away from each other.  That is a little more difficult to accomplish with audio. Share it, edit it, highlight the best points, and be sure that everyone stays on the same page with transcription services online.

KEEP A RECORD Even with it being the digital age, it is often handy to have materials like these in hard copy.  Audio can wear down over time, the related technology is constantly changing, and it isn’t as easily filed away.  The text document can be printed, filed in a folder, within a filing cabinet, and easily accessed whenever you happen to need it again.

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