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Back to School: The Transcriber Essentials

Essentials of transcribing

Audio Transcription

Back to School: The Transcriber Essentials

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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It is that time of year again, when the shops are fully of sparkly new stationery items, the TV is full of adverts for school uniforms and back to school essentials. So, it seemed fitting to do a blog post on the Transcriber Essentials.

Here are our top five essential skills you need to be a good Transcriber:

  1. Good use of English language – having good use and understanding of English grammar and punctuation is essential to being a successful and good transcriber.
  2. Keen listening skills – This will ensure that you get the words and context right, after all, not all recordings are of good quality, speakers accents may change or be hard to understand.
  3. Know how to research – Whilst transcribing you may encounter words that you may never have heard of. This is especially true if you are dealing with a new area of transcription such as medical or legal. You may need to do extra research to understand the subject or to clear up any audio that might not have been clear initially.
  4. Typing speed – Now speed is not always everything, especially if some of the audio files are on complicated subjects, however the ability to type quickly is advantageous because you could be listening to very lengthy files, or have short deadlines that need to be met in turning around files for your clients.
  5. Excellent proofreading skills – Once you have transcribed the audio file, it is extremely important that you read back and proof what you have typed to ensure everything makes sense and that the tone and context are conveyed accurately.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of essentials but, the tip of the iceberg really.

If you are interested in becoming a transcriber or would like to benefit from our services then please email us at:


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