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Podcasters Love Transcriptionists

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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116784439_9449e4fb57_mOver the past several years, there has been a shift occurring online.  Rather than writing blog posts, many people with interesting things to say have turned to podcasting.  They have discovered that there are large audiences of people who are intrigued by the same topics, and who would rather listen to dialog about it than to sit down an read pages of text.  Podcasting has proven a very successful marketing tool as well.  However, in order to take full potential of the SEO boost that can come from a regularly running podcast, it is important to include a digital transcription of the audio file.

The search engine spiders, determining which websites will appear when a given keyword is searched, cannot make sense of audio files.  The transcribed version allows them to pick up on the presence of certain keywords.  Thus, the transcription can boost the website’s search engine standings, better than the audio file alone could do.

Of course, many of the men and women creating these podcasts have little time and no interest in replaying their recordings in order to record the dialog word for word.  With that being the case, many have begun to turn to transcription services.  UK based transcription companies offer very reasonable rates and quick turn-around times, so the podcast creator can record and interview or other broadcast, ship it to the audio transcription services, and have both an audio and text version ready for release within a very short span of time.

While some would argue that it is better to create a script for the podcast ahead of time, it is important to recall that people rarely stick entirely to a script.  Failing to have a formal transcription of the actual audio can mean missing out on minute, but important details in the text version.  Remember, it’s not just the search engine spiders who may want to read this text.  While some prefer to listen to audio files, there are still many people who would rather read through the text instead of turning up the volume.

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