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How to hire a medical research transcriptionist

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Hiring a Transcriptionist for Medical Research

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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sala-de-parto-03-845205-mMedical research is essential for furthering this important branch of science.  In order to discover new treatments and cures, to find the links between various conditions, and to, in general, improve human health, research is necessary.  The tasks associated with medical research, though, can be quite time consuming and tedious.  Fortunately, much of the burden can be lifted with the hiring of a transcriptionist.

Candidate Interviews Before the research can begin, there is generally the need to determine who will be admitted to the participant pool, and to learn more about the medical histories of these candidates.  Rather than try to record all of this information during the interview, it is best to record the conversation and to dictate notes after the participant has left the room.  All of this information can then be uploaded and sent off for audio transcription.  In essence, you can outsource all of the documentation and data entry components to a third party, while you focus on the real task at hand – research and discovery.

Diary Room Recordings  Very often, throughout the course of the research process, it will be necessary to record the impressions of the participants, whether this is a matter of symptom reporting, or simply to gauge the level of commitment of the individuals, diary room recordings are often very useful.  Once again, the interviews or monologues can simple be sent off to online transcription services, so your process is not held up.

Medical Assessment Dictation One of the parts played, regularly, but medical transcriptionists is recording the dictated notes of doctors, recorded after patient visits.  These same skills can be applied during the research process, when check-ups or follow-ups are needed to determine the changes in the patients’ health status.  Rather than take the time to record all of this information and run the risk of researcher bias, it is best to dictate the notes and send them off to a third party for accurate recording.

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