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i-Phone, Android and Mobile Voice Recording - Fingertips

i-Phone, Android and Mobile Voice Recording - Fingertips

i-Phone, Android and Mobile Voice Recording

If you have a recording on your mobile device such as; i-Phone or Blackberry you can upload this to Fingertips for transcribing.  You can do this in a few ways.

Send it as an email attachment to  The file will probably need to be of a reasonably small size of 10mb or less as the email system may not accept the file.  Short letters and reports etc should be fine.

Download the file by plugging in the USB lead to the computer (like you would with a digital camera).  You can then upload the file for transcribing. Phone extensions are usually an AMR format. You can either send it via email or upload it to Fingertips server.  We will email the file back to you when complete.

Use an app like Dictamus.  There are many different recording apps, some free and some which you need to purchase.  Obviously the ones which you pay for usually have more features and are recommended more than the free ones.  You may find free recording apps will only let you record for 30 seconds or a minute.  Dictamus already has Fingertips uploading server stored on the app so when you have finished your recording you simply tap on our server name and it will upload the file straight to our server.  Dictamus is £11.99 but when you consider the price of a handheld dictaphone at around £130, Dictamus is a good option.  Dictamus is available on the Apple store and Google Play.  Please see our Dictamus app page for further information.

If you don’t fancy Dictamus as your recording device, there are many others.  Please see the attached page giving advice on the best dictaphone apps so you can make your choice.

There are other apps that can actually record your telephone calls.  Some will only record incoming calls.  We think this page is gives some good advice on various apps for recording telephone calls.

Here are Fingertips we also have our own telephone recording system which will record incoming and outgoing calls, and conference calls.  We will provide you with a telephone number, then you enter a pin number, then you dial the number you wish to reach.  The call will be recorded, after which we can download the call, transcribe the call and email it back to you.  A copy of the audio can be sent to you upon request.  Please see our call recording page for more information.

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