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Call Recording - Fingertips Typing Services

Call Recording

Everything You Need to Know About Call Recording

Call Recording and Telephone Conference Calls

Recording your telephone and conference calls

Record a telephone conversation from any phone to any phone anytime and have it converted into an accurate professional transcription.  This can also be used for conference (multi way) conversations.   All you need to do is dial a number that we give you, enter your pin number, and then dial the number of the person who you need to call and have recorded.  The recording automatically uploads to our secure server, where we receive an automatic email notification.  The voice file is downloaded for transcribing, and then emailed back to you on completion.
If you would like to test it out please contact us.

  •  Use it anywhere  – Voice call transcription works from any phone to any phone.
  • Easy to use – you just ring your private access number, enter a PIN and make the call, no files to upload.
  • Low cost – Cheaper and easier than traditional methods of call recording and voice transcription.
  • Secure – voice call transcription service hardware located in secure datacenter in UK access via encrypted connection.
  • Easy set up – we email you a private access number, PIN and your secure portal access details after you register.
  • Nothing to install – you can immediately use your office, work or mobile number all you need is your PIN.
  • The service works by automatically recording your telephone call. You can call from any phone to any phone in the UK (excluding premium rate numbers) simply by calling a special number which, after checking your PIN then routes you to your destination phone. You then have a conversation in the normal manner.  The call recording is produced and stored on the same secure server which is behind a firewall in a secure data centre in the UK. You can then access the files using an encrypted tunnel back to your local PC. This tunnel prevents your security details and the data from being read by anyone other than you and authorised support staff.

The service works like this:

  • Fill out the order form with your contact details.
  • An email is sent to you with your PIN, service number and portal access details and instructions.
  • You call the access number.
  • You are prompted for your PIN.
  • Once entered you will hear a dial tone, you are ready to make your call.
  • When you have finished the call recording will instantly appear in the portal.
  • The transcribed telephone call will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
  • You can securely drag and drop the files to your PC via an encrypted tunnel.
  • The transcript is produced in MS Word format and clearly separates both callers in a sequential paragraph layout.

Contact us now to be set up on the service and receive your own unique private access number free of charge.


“I wanted to thank you for all your help and assistance that you gave me – being flexible and helping us to find solutions to the various problems we had!
In any case, thanks to you and your team.”
Lata, OECD

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