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Why Choose Professional Transcription Company

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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office-170639_640There are a lot of questions about transcription services today.  As voice-to-text technology, and online freelance website continue to be developed, it is no wonder that people start to question the best approach to having audio materials transcribed.

It is still the best course to choose professional online transcription services.  While there are other avenues that you can pursue, there is a great deal of risk involved, and you could be left with a product that makes you look unprofessional.

Voice to Text  We certainly can’t say that these services aren’t worthwhile, because they can be a big help to transcriptionists.  However, they should not be relied on entirely, because the technology is far from being perfected. They simply can’t decipher accents, slang, and proper nouns in the same way that a human being can.  They are prone to make errors, and it simply isn’t worth the use of such a service, if you are then going to have to listen to the entire audio and edit the document.

Freelance Services There are many freelance transcription services. UK-based professional companies may hire freelancers to do some of the work, but they do their own vetting of these candidates, to find the people most capable of handling your files in the most professional, classified manner possible. This interviewing process includes intensive, rigorous transcription tests.

Hiring a freelancer, without expert backing, is a risky proposition.  This is particularly true when you need a quick turnaround.  While a freelancer may be able to quote a small sum and a faster timeline, you can’t be certain what quality of work you will receive, nor can you be certain that they will actually uphold their guarantees.

Not only will a transcription company investigate any freelancers hired to do this type of work, they will also provide a quality check to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for, exactly when it was promised to you.

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