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Reduce Transcription Work Related Back Pain - Fingertips Typing

How to prevent back pain


Reduce Transcription Work Related Back Pain

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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desk-312595_640When offering online transcription services, you must be at your desk for long hours each day, in order to listen to the audio and transfer it to a text file.  That can lead to a lot of soreness in the back and neck, which is a problem that a lot of transcriptionists suffer with.

Lift Your Monitor Much of the reason that people suffer work-related back pain is poor posture.  When the head is constantly tilted downward, in order to look at the computer monitor, the shoulders will tend to fall forward, and the result is more strain on the muscles in the back.  In order to counteract this, consider raising your computer monitor.  Create a platform on your desk for the monitor to sit on, or consider finding a wall mount so that it can be hung at eye level.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be High Maintenance While it can take some time to work your way into the digital transcription career, there are a few upfront costs that you shouldn’t skimp on.  That list should include your chair.  A great chair will provide excellent support for your arms and back.

Take Breaks While there is more money to be made in data entry and transcription the faster you work, that doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your own comfort for the larger paycheck.  Be sure that you allow yourself a few minutes every hour to stretch and take deep breaths.  Get up and move around for a minute or two, even if it is only to refresh your cup of coffee or to use the restroom.  That time away from your desk is wonderful for your back.

Keep Your Keyboard Low and Within Reach Our final tip is that you keep your keyboard at a comfortable level.  If this sits too high, it can put a lot of strain on your shoulders, arms, and wrists.  The best placement will allow your arms to rest on the chair while you work.

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