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5 Reasons to Outsource your Transcription Work - Fingertips Typing

5 reasons to outsource

Outsourcing Transcription

5 Reasons to Outsource your Transcription Work

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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dd hadingIf you haven’t yet decided whether you are better off having someone in the office complete the transcription of your audio files, of if you should hire transcription services online, then consider the following points in favor of outsourcing.

1.    It Costs Less Though you may not initially believe it, there is evidence to support the fact that it costs less to hire transcription services.  UK professional transcriptions are quick and efficient.  They can complete the task faster that the average person.  Paying an hourly wage to a person untrained in this skill can quickly become quite costly.

2.    You Need to Focus You have become the success that you are, because you have certain professional strengths.  Those should be your focus.  Taking time away from those important tasks to transcribe audio is far too costly.  Outsourcing means that you are freed up to do what you do best.

3.    Access to Knowledgeable Individuals Transcriptionists pride themselves on being knowledgeable of industry terminology.  More importantly, they are adept at managing spelling and grammar, so the documents produced are highly professional and ready for immediate use.

4.    Your Employees Can Be Better Utilized Those who are earning an hourly wage within your company, have been hired to manage certain tasks within the company.  Bogging them down with the tasks that could be managed by trained audio transcription professionals, means that they are not being utilized to their full potential.

5. Turnaround Time As mentioned above, transcriptions become very fast and efficient at translating audio to text.  Because that is their only focus, unlike those employed within your company, they can put all of their time into finish your project. The transcription may be interrupted many times when being completed by the multi-tasking employee, but the transcriptionist has only one goal in mind. That speed and dedication means that you get a finished product faster.

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