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3 Reasons to Outsource Your Transcription Needs - Fingertips Typing


3 Reasons to Outsource Your Transcription Needs

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Transcription can often be overlooked when a business has larger things to worry about. At Fingertips Typing, we encourage you to alleviate your need to stay on top by allowing us to worry about it for you. Although transcription might have been something you previous didn’t acknowledge, outsourcing this process will create significant improvements for your business.

Better Results-Our trained specialists at Fingertips Typing will outperform other in-house options because of our dedication to progress. We focus on continually training our employees in transcription practices, writing ability, new technologies, and more. By relieving the strain for a company to keep up with ever-evolving practices and technologies, we are the best option for optimum results.

Low Overhead-Not only do we provide exceptional results, we do so at a cost that would be unattainable for in-house options. Our specialists are quicker and more widely skilled in all types of transcription. We bring an experience level that would be difficult to find in a moderately salaried employee, and in the case that your company needs to explore transcription outside of your comfort zone, we can easily solve your problems. With an estimated annual cost for a typist being £33,235, our service will save you significant cost whether your needs are great or small.

More Time to Focus on What Matters-Fingertips typing creates an indistinguishable increase in your revenue by promoting productivity. By alleviating transcription needs, some of which can be incredibly time consuming, we deliver succinct and easily used products in a quick and professional manner.

Transcription will no longer be something you struggle for, it will be a great improvement that’s felt all throughout. Easily navigating previously meandering or hard-to-read material will save you tons of time and make business as usual so much better.

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