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Outsourcing, why it isn't all bad by Fingertip Typing Services

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Outsourcing, why it isn’t all bad

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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With the recent news that facilities management and building firm Carillion have gone into liquidation. The UKs’ journalists have gone on a rampage about outsourcing and how it is bad for business and the economy.

Whilst I admit that outsourcing of some of the UKs’ most vital services by the government was foolish, I wanted to highlight that the outsourcing of some services isn’t always a bad idea and can indeed make your employees more productive and ultimately your business more successful.

The Benefits

  1. Free up your employees time to focus on your core business activities – Get your managers and employees doing what you employed and paid them to do rather than time consuming admin.
  2. Improve efficiency – Outsourcing businesses often offer the most innovative and creative approaches, using the latest technology, which would of course cost a great deal to implement and roll out in-house.
  3. Decrease your expenses – Outsourcing is often less expensive than a full-time employee, especially when you consider the costs of hiring, training, pension and tax of that employee.

What should you consider outsourcing?

  1. Administrative tasks – Such as data entry, typing, flight arrangements, secretarial services all of which can be handled by a virtual assistant or administrative service.
  2. Lead generation – A salespersons skills are better put to use closing sales and handle clients, rather than make cold calls. So outsourcing the lead generation to another firm is a great way of getting all the leg work done and receiving qualified and warm leads for your talented sales team to follow up and more importantly close.

If you want your business and employees to focus their time, resources, and money on growing the business then you should seriously consider outsourcing the non-core elements of your business, allowing the day to day running of your company to continue whilst you develop and grow your business.

Fingertips Typing Service offers clients a variety of ways of freeing up their time to focus on their core business. For example we have a team of professional and dedicated virtual assistants offering a wide range of secretarial services.

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