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Police interview transcription tapes - Our Top 3 Interviews

Police interview transcription tapes – our top three

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Police interview transcription tapes – our top three

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Police interview transcription tapes – The police interview transcripts that Fingertips have worked on are confidential, but here is a selection of the most interesting transcripts that are available to the public.

Police Interview Transcript No 1 – The Hamiltons

In 2001 The Daily Mail got a hold of the police interview tapes between themselves and Christine and Neil Hamilton. A female victim had come forward claiming that the Hamiltons had helped a third person rape her in an Ilford flat. Furthermore the victim claimed that Neil Hamilton had engaged in the sexual assault. The police interview transcript reveals that the couple were asked a host of different questions, including whether they had ever been to a swinger’s party or looked at porn on a website. Although the Hamiltons’ distress is clear from the transcript and they were found to be innocent, there are a few discrepancies between their accounts. Can you spot them?

Police Interview Transcript No 2 – Roshonara Choudhry

Roshonara Choudhry was accused of stabbing MP Stephen Timms in November 2010. The Guardian newspaper managed to find and transcribe the police interview tapes, which showed a very determined young lady, who seemed to have very little remorse for what she had done. During the police interview transcript, Choudhry explains that she had been influenced by the internet alone, more specifically internet lectures by a Yemini cleric called Anwar al-Awlaki. Tragically, these lectures were so influential that Choudhry abandoned her studies at Kings College, London, in order to fulfil what she believed to be her duty. She stabbed Stephen Timms specifically to avenge the fact that he had voted in favour of invading Iraq several years before.

Police Interview Transcript No 3 – John and Anne Darwin

John Darwin, a former prison guard, with the help of his wife Anne, staged his death following a ‘canoeing accident’. Anne Darwin invested millions of pounds from various insurance claims while her husband was missing, only to have him turn up at her door several years later, claiming amnesia. There are police statement transcripts that were taken when Darwin first turned up. In these, Darwin claims not to remember anything from the intermitting years. These claims contrast greatly with the police interview transcripts that were carried out later after thorough interrogation by the police. In these transcripts Darwin admits to having staged his disappearance, and this is followed by his wife also admitting to having helped him ‘disappear!’

Posted by Cathy Bennett at Fingertips Typing Services Limited.  Catherine set up Fingertips in 2004 and it has grown steadily over the years ever since.  Fingertips provide accurate, professional transcription services along with data entry and word processing.   Fingertips have a large team of transcriptionists that can help with your project.  No job is too big or too small.

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