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What is Insurance Transcription?

Audio Transcription Insurance Transcription

What is Insurance Transcription?

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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The insurance industry is complex and a lot of work involved in the documentation process in Insurance Services, ranging from: claims, compensation and complaints. Which is why insurance companies are increasingly turning to transcription services to speed up the process or claims and recoveries.

It helps insurance companies get recorded conversations into a written form, because most insurers operate in a call centre environment most calls are recorded and collected as audio files which can later be transcribed.

Each claim will involve an investigation, which is not just reliant upon the call recordings, the insurance company assessor will also investigate the claim and may also include interviews with the victims and eye witnesses to build a picture of the incident. Again, these will be audio recorded and then transcribed later to build a case and a written documentation of the case, easing the burden of the interviewer, allow them to collect impartial and accurate information.

Providing reliable and accurate data

As with all transcriptionists, they are specialised and trained individuals, they accurately transcribe the data provided to create reliable documents. Verbatim transcription, is also often included in this type of transcription, which involves the transcription of each spoken word, including the indication of pauses. This helps investigators determine the exact meaning of the speech.

Insurance documents are legally binding, which means that a great deal of care and precision is involved, not only by the insurance investigator but also the transcriber to ensure a high standard of work. Errors could have a heavy bearing on any of the parties involved, therefore there is a rigorous quality control process in place to ensure that there are no errors.

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