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Website Translation Services​ - Fingertips Typing

Website Translation Services​ - Fingertips Typing

Whether your business is already trading in an international market or you are looking to expand overseas for the first time, you will most likely need to have your website translated into several languages. Fingertips website translation services have a team of fully qualified professional website translators with a wealth of specialist experience in many areas.  They  will  extract the content of your site, translate it in a style appropriate to the locale, then proofread and edit it. We can offer translations in over 190 languages and our translators will identify aspects of the source content that are suitable for website localisation and consider aspects including:

  • Religion
  • Culture and customs
  • Social and commercial habits
  • Sense of humour
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Metaphors
  • Rules of conduct
  • Ethical norms.

Your website translation is guaranteed to be completed within an agreed deadline and budget and in the agreed format. High quality doesn’t have to mean high cost. We believe our rates are competitive and that we provide an excellent value service. Prices vary according to language, type and quality of audio/source material. See Translation prices for more details. We also provide business translation serviceslegal translation servicesmedical translation services, and technical translation services If you require further information on our website translation services, please do not hesitate to contact us  for a quotation.

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