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Fingertips Online Security – file transfer system.

By default all Fingertips sessions use 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) processing. This ensures that files being uploaded and downloaded across the Internet are encrypted for added privacy.

Files on our servers also employ “Encryption At Rest”. This means that even in the unlikely event that stored files would be misplaced or stolen they are encrypted with AES-256. In addition, the three components of Encryption At Rest (encrypted files, encryption keys, and encryption/decryption processing) are each on separate servers.

The Fingertips file transfer system has several layers of data security to provide access control:

  • The web servers are deployed using a dual-homed configuration, thus providing specialised, application-specific firewall protection to our private network. This extra layer of security is specifically designed to keep your files and other information safe.
  • All user files are safely stored on the online private network servers. These servers are machines that are physically isolated from the public internet, for security purposes.

Physical security is provided by a “hardened” facility providing seamless connectivity, guaranteed uptime, and security.

All files are stored on RAID devices, which in turn are replicated to an additional RAID storage subsystem, providing exceptional data integrity.

By design, files deleted by a user are first marked “pending delete” for approximately 72 hours, during which time they are available for “undelete” by Catherine Bennett. Following this “grace period” all copies of a deleted file are permanently removed from the servers. No “backup copies” are kept.

Customers who require backup of their files are provided with tools to back up their files to a server at their location.

Fingertips does not disclose details regarding hardware or software used, to protect its servers, customer files and information.

When you set an online account, a password is created for your account. As long as you keep your password secret and secure, your files will be protected. You can choose or amend your password by emailing Catherine Bennett, or alternatively you can create your own password so that nobody else knows it apart from you.  We recommend you choose a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols.  You can delete your transcripts as and when you want to.


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