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Transcribing Audio Books

Audio Transcription

Transcribing Audio Books

Posted By Cathy Bennett

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Audio books are a fantastic resource.

There’s just something magical about listening to the dulcet tones of Alan Rickman as he narrates Thomas Hardy’s Return of the Native.  And Stephen Fry’s narration of the Paddington Bear stories is simply brilliant, no matter how old you might be.

But if you only associate audio books with the visually impaired or people who can’t read too well, then you’d be very much mistaken. Audio books are becoming increasingly popular with people from all tranches of society and there are so many reasons why.

They’re great for…

·        keeping the children entertained on long car journeys

·        people who can’t concentrate on reading

·        English Literature students who don’t have the time (or the inclination) to read all of their set books

·        workers with long commutes

·        relieving the boredom of domestic chores

·        entertainment as you walk the dog or work out at the gym

·        people who like to relax by knitting, crocheting or doing jigsaws

·        students who are trying to improve their English

Non-fiction books are also making their way through the audio ranks.  And, if you’re an author or an entrepreneur who records their words, then I would seriously suggest that you have your audio books transcribed.

1  Potential sales are maximised

A transcript of your audio book allows you to tap into a wider sales market.  Some people prefer to read books instead of listening to them so if you can accommodate both preferences then you’re not narrowing your book-buying market.

2  Your plot won’t be confusing  

If your audio book is a murder mystery then no matter how exciting it is, there’s always a chance that your reader will drift off into a daydream at a crucial part of the plot.  It’s much easier to check out the transcript to find out that Mr Crick’s alibi was fake than it is to rewind the audio book.

3  It backs up your message

If your audio book is aimed at marketing for entrepreneurs, for example, and your listeners need to keep stopping and starting to take notes or jot down ideas then a transcript is a great back-up for them.  They can ensure they’ve understood your messages by reading the transcript and if they’ve missed a website address that you mention then the details are in the transcript.  Simple!

4  It’s great for the hearing impaired, too

Just like audio books are a great resource for the visually-impaired, a transcript is a great resource for the hearing-impaired, too.   Again, it’s broadening your market share and not alienating any potential buyers.

5 Passive Income Streams

As well as having your audio books transcribed and formatted into a physical book format, you could also convert them into an e-book.  This means your single product has now tripled and so have your potential passive income streams.

Here at Fingertips Typing Services we are specialists at transcribing audio books.

Get in touch with us today to see just how easy it can be and what a different it can make to your product range.

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